TechNooyer A.K.A. Michel de Nooijer started @ 1990 with mixing vinyl records. At the age of 9 – 10 he gets infected with vinyl by his brother who was a dj also back than. When he reached the age of 15 Michel started on stage with early hardcore as dj ParaNooyer. Arround the milenium Michel changed his style and gets infected with the sounds of real Techno! There was the end of ParaNooyer (1990 – 2000) and the start of TechNooyer (since 2000).

At 2005 TechNooyer received his first performance on stage. Since than, TechNooyer played a lot on stage at venue's like Doornroosje Nijmegen (NL), North Sea Venue Zaandam (NL) and more. After a short break TechNooyer bought a Pioneer DJM2000 Mixer & Pioneer CDJ1000MK3 and created his own Techno Minded style. Infected with a lot of influences of Dave Clarke's TechNique, Ben Sims HardGroove, the funk of Joey Beltram and the pounding elements of A.Paul.

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‘Events are less important than our respons to them’


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